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Retired postman, 88, died hours after he was discharged from hospital

JAKARTA, RSN- A grieving widow is demanding answers after her retired postman husband died 17 hours after allegedly being discharged from hospital in the cold in just his pyjamas.

William Romp, 88, was taken home by ambulance after a doctor deemed him fit for discharge – despite being so ill he couldn't eat or drink and could barely stand.

But when a paramedic said he didn't agree with the decision, Mr Romp's family called for another doctor, who told them to take the pensioner back to hospital.

His wife, Brenda, 82, dialled 999 and Mr Romp was rushed back to A&E near the couple's home in Canterbury, Kent on December 5 - the last time she saw him alive.

Now Mrs Romp has questioned why her husband, who suffered with dementia and the lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was ever discharged in the first place.
The temperature on the day he was sent home was around 4C.

Mrs Romp said: 'When he got home the man could barely stand. He was so ill he couldn't eat or drink.

'He could hardly speak, he couldn't stand up. The ambulance men got him into bed and one of them said to me that he shouldn't be here. He could hardly breathe.'

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